Try to become a unicorn in orbit! In this game you’ll control an Astronaut trying to survive in orbit in this space while avoiding things such as missiles, comet, meteorite, asteroid, and whatever the universe has in store for you. Try now to win amazing space outfit and be a fabulous unicorn in orbit!
Game totally FREE & ADDICTIVE!


Available on Google Play, Apple Store, Windows Store and Tizen Store.



 You'll become completely addicted to the game The more you evolve, the more you'll want. Good thing we have so many surprises in store for you. So go take on our challenges (and have fun) right now!


The more you improve your level the closer you get to legendary status. Amazing, isn't it?


Try the space wheel ! Tap the screen and turn the moon to earn bonuses and powers to help you during your next game. With that, you should be able to explode your best score without any trouble !


Try and earn as many coins as you can zigzagging between fireballs!


Play at least once per day to obtain super gifts!

skins SYSTEM

Skins system: We have some legendarily cute skins in store for the best of you. Reach the required scores to collect them! And get the more fabulous, the unicorn outfit!


A galactic interface that adapts itself to your needs, whether you're right or left handed! No more excuses to not be the best there is !


The game adjusts itself to your level! The better you are, the more challenging it becomes!


Be it in a cave or a rocket, nothing can stop you from playing astropack because you can actually play it offline!


Music by Murmure,

Axel Hrstt


Astropack started as a simple 48 hours project in a Game Jam, just to clear up our developer’s mind from our bigger projects that had become quite time consuming. No big plan to do anything with it at first, we started falling in love with this little astronaut and this old arcade type of survival game.


Inspired by successful games such as ZigZag or even Asteroid, the concept was simple, bring out the good old days, follow the rules that made those games so good for us and then make it unique.


As you can imagine, 48 hours was nowhere near close enough for such ambition, and we started investing more and more in it, until it was decided that this little break from our real project would be the first born from NomNomGames!


Now fresh out of our penguin’s home in the North Pole, it’s just waiting for the players’ approval, because as much as we like it, your opinion is what matters most!


A customizable HTML version of Astropack is now available for sale as a non-exclusive license for gaming portals, telecom networks, marketing agencies, brands and individuals.


For more information please get in touch with


You can be a Unicorn in Orbit on Astropack, available as a pre-launch for Canada, Australia, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, Malaysia, Israel and Mexico.


You’d like to have an early access to the game but you’re not from any of the lucky countries? No problem, you can become a
beta-tester and you’ll be able to try it out in a flash!


You have our permission to use game footage and post it on your website or youtube channel.

download the



Nom Nom Games, Lda is a small indie studio created in the North Pole or as we like to call it, Paris, France. However, due to the difficulty penguins have with low temperatures, it quickly chose to relocate to the warmer region of Leiria, Portugal.


Thanks to the relocation, our team members saw their energy levels and their desire to bring fun to our little eskimo fans spike like never before. Finding inspiration in the best and bringing our own new twists to videogames, we hope to make you as crazy about our projects as we are.



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